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Moving Characters to the New European Portuguese Realm

On December 7, we will open a new Portuguese realm in Europe. On that day, we will welcome many new and returning players and invite them to experience the game in Portuguese (Brazilian). To allow the Portuguese community to gather on one dedicated realm, we will be providing Free Character Migration from realms that have a high population of Portuguese players. If you are on one of the source realms listed below you will be able to move your character to the designated destination realm.

By initiating the migration your character will be moved to this new realm. This is a one-time, one-way move. For any other character move you will need to use the Paid Character Transfer service.

Please be aware that if the target realm becomes full or our population goals are met, we may have to close down any Free Character Migration at any time and without warning. If you plan to move with friends or your guild we suggest that you coordinate the effort to reduce the chance of any stragglers being left behind.

Please refer to the FAQ below for more information regarding Free Character Migration.

What is the Free Character Migration feature?
The Free Character Migration feature allows you to move characters from selected realms to new or low population realms. Please refer to the Character Migration optionunder Character Services onthe Account Management page for information on eligible realms.

What is the name of the European Portuguese realm?
The name of the European Portuguese realm is ‘Aggra’ (PvP), on the Blackout Battlegroup. This realm will be open for migration and character creation on December 7.

Is there going to be a PvE European Portuguese realm?
Right now we plan to open a single PvP European Portuguese realm. We will evaluate the possibility of opening additional realms in the future(PvP or PvE).

Who is eligible for Free Character Migration to the European Portuguese realm?
Players who have characters on an eligible realm will be able to move their characters to the designated European Portuguese realm. For specific requirements, please view the Character Transfer FAQ.

The list of eligible realms for transfer to Aggra (PvP) is:

Grim Batol (PvP) Misery Battlegroup
Frostmane (PvP) Misery Battlegroup
Burning Steppes (PvP) Cruelty Battlegroup
Argent Dawn (RP) Cataclysme / Cataclysm Battlegroup
Quel'Thalas (PvE) Raserei / Frenzy Battlegroup
Silvermoon (PvE) Cyclone / Wirbelsturm Battlegroup

Players who are not eligible for Free Character Migration can use the Paid Character Transfer service to move their characters to the European Portuguese realm.

How will the Dungeon and Raid Finder tools work for the Portuguese-language realm?
In order to ensure minimal queue times when using the Dungeon or Raid Finder tools, the Portuguese-language realm will be part of the same queues as the English-language realms. Those who choose to use these tools should bear in mind that the resulting groups will likely include English-speaking players. Of course, Portuguese-speaking players can still form groups with friends from their own realm if they would prefer to play with Portuguese-speaking team-mates only. Also please note that the PvP queues will work in the same way.

When can I move my characters and how long will the migration period last?
The European Portuguese realm will go live on December 7, 2011, and will open for Free Character Migration at the same time. The migration period for the current FCMs will be kept up to date in the following thread. Please be aware that if the target realm becomes full or our population goals are met we may have to close down any Free Character Migration at any time and without warning. If you plan to move with friends or your guild we suggest that you coordinate the effort to reduce the chance of any stragglers being left behind.

Can I move all my characters at once?
No, you have to move each character individually.

How many characters can I move to the new European Portuguese realm?
There is no specific restriction regarding the number of characters you can move, but keep in mind that you can have a maximum of 10 characters, only one of which can be a Death Knight, per realm.

Can I move my entire guild using a free Guild Master Realm Transfer?
If you are interested in moving your guild from an eligible realm, and if your guild meets the Guild Master Realm Transfer requirements as outlined in the FAQ, the guild master can begin a guild move. To take advantage of this service, the guild master will need to initiate, and pay for, a regular Guild Master Realm Transfer. Once the guild transfer process is successfully initiated the guild master will then need to request a refund by calling Customer Service. This refund is only available if moving your guild from one of the eligible realms — Grim Batol, Frostmane, Burning Steppes, Argent Dawn, Quel'Thalas and Silvermoon — to the new Portuguese realm.

How do I move from an eligible realm to the new Portuguese realm if my guild master uses a Guild Master Realm Transfer?
If your guild master moves the guild using a Guild Master Realm Transfer, you have two options to re-join your guild on the new realm:

  • You can take advantage of a Free Character Migration from one of the eligible realms. However, you will not keep your guild reputation when you move, and will need to be re-invited to the guild once you arrive on the new realm. You will then start at neutral reputation.
  • After you have transferred, you can send a ticket and ask for a restoration of your guild reputation. Just be careful to follow all the necessary steps described in our Guild Services FAQ to make sure you're eligible for it.
  • Alternatively, you can pay for a Paid Character Transfer once the guild master has initiated the Guild Master Realm Transfer. Please note that we cannot refund the Paid Character Transfer cost if you choose this option.

If you decide to use a Free Character Migration to move your character we recommend you obtain all the available guild reputation rewards you seek before the guild master moves.

Can I benefit from a Free Faction Change?
No Free Faction Change will be available. You will still be able to perform a Paid Faction Change once on the new European Portuguese realm.

How do I access the European Portuguese realm?
On logging into the game, if you do not see the realm selection screen click ‘Change Realm’ above your character list and select the English tab at the bottom of the window. The European Portuguese realm will be displayed as ‘Aggra (Português)’ in the English realm list.

Do I have to rename my character?
If your character shares a name with an existing character on the destination realm you will be prompted to rename your character.

Will I receive Realm First achievements if I move to the European Portuguese realm where the achievements have not been completed?
Yes. If you use the Free Character Migration or a Paid Character Transfer to move a character to the European Portuguese realm, the character will be eligible for Realm First achievements.

What will happen to my Friends List and Ignore List?
Your Friends List and Ignore List will be cleared upon transfer. If you have any friends who move to the realm as well, you will have to add them to your Friends List again manually.

If I don't like the new realm or change my mind, can I move back?
A pending move can be cancelled which will remove the request from the queue. However, once the move has completed it cannot be reversed. The only way to move the character off the realm again would be through a Paid Character Transfer.

My realm was eligible for Free Character Migration to the European Portuguese realm, but I missed it. Can I still move?
Once the migration period has ended, free migration from that realm will not be available unless the realm becomes part of another free migration at a later date. We do, however, have a Paid Character Transfer service available that may allow you to move a character to the realm of your choice. For more information, please have a look at our Paid Character Transfer service, available under Character Services on the Account Management page.

Can I move characters from one region to another (i.e. moving North American characters to the EuropeanPortuguese realm)?
No. Characters can only be moved between realms within the same region.

Where will the European Portuguese realm be located?
The Portuguese realm will be situated in one of our existing European data centers, and our operations team will continue to work with the major internet service providers to ensure the best game experience possible.

Do you need to select “Português (Portugal)” in the game to be able to play on the European Portuguese server?
You do not need to set the language to “Português (Portugal)”to be able to play on this new realm. You will only need an active European World of Warcraft license.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about this service?
Please contact Customer Service by phone or email with any questions or concerns about this service. Also, please check the Free Character Migration FAQ for more information.


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