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March 16th by Community

Welcome to the Community News! There is always some interesting news, fan fiction, comic, artwork, guide or machinima that is worth sharing. In this blog we will provide you with a recap of this week's latest news and community highlights!

This week's news from Azeroth

Pandaren Race Guide
TenTon Hammer has put together this Pandaren guide, which includes an introduction and race background, all known info on the starting zone, racial abilities, classes and more.

Frostbitten: Guide to All Rares, Part 2
Been spending time trying your best to locate the rare that always eludes you? Well WoWhead has you covered with part 2 of their blog, “Frostbitten: Guide to All Rares”. You can find the rare you may be missing out on finding here.

Lukali — A Fitting End
The collapse of the Well of Eternity caused the Maelstrom, a swirling vortex leading to Deepholm. Will Thrall and Malfurion find a way to prevent the ocean of Azeroth from draining away and flooding Deepholm!?

Pulse News
In this week's Pulse episode, they take a look at the female Pandaren teaser, talk a little about Mists of Pandaria's buff and debuff design, the new Scroll of Resurrection changes, the two latest Cataclysm post mortems and more.

WazopVids new Machinima
WazopVids has created another animation for our viewing pleasure, this time featuring a night elf in a daring rescue attempt aboard a Horde ship on the high seas:

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