Pearl of Pandaria: The Graphic Novel
Pearl of Pandaria
September 27th by Blizzard Entertainment

Li Li Stormstout has explored all the wonders of the Great Turtle, Shen-zin Su, carefully recording each experience in her personal journal. She has also stored letters from her uncle, Chen, between the journal's worn pages—tales of Chen's high adventures throughout the lands of Azeroth. He departed years ago and wrote often of his exploits, but suddenly and without explanation, the letters ceased.

Soon after her exploration of the Wandering Isle, Li Li will become obsessed with finding Chen. She will strike out from Shen-zin Su to solve the mystery of her uncle's disappearance, and forge her own fantastic tales of excitement and discovery.


The ongoing story of Li Li, Chen, and others will be featured in Pearl of Pandaria, a 128-page graphic novel written by New York Times bestselling author Micky Neilson and illustrated by world-renowned artist Sean "Cheeks" Galloway.

Li Li's adventures will continue in Quest for Pandaria, a four-part novella written by Blizzard's inaugural Global Writing Contest winner, Sally Pine.


For those who wish to avoid spoilers and keep up with the full story, we recommend reading Pearl of Pandaria before Quest for Pandaria. You can pre-order your copy of Pearl of Pandaria here, or wherever fine books are sold!

The path lies ahead. The Wanderer's Way beckons. Enjoy every step of the journey!