The Time Has Come: Legendary Quest Line
September 13th by Nethaera

When last we met, my intrepid heroes, we spoke of many varied and wondrous things—of dragons and kings, and most importantly, legends. You’ve come a long way, and perhaps by now you’ve become friends with Wrathion. You may not sit down for tea or take long walks on the beach, but you have an... understanding of sorts. Now it’s time to take inventory once again of the Black Prince’s quest line and find out what’s awaiting you in Patch 5.4: The Siege of Orgrimmar.

For those who have progressed as far as possible in Patch 5.3 (Preparing to Strike), the launch of Patch 5.4 means it’s time to set out on the last leg of your long journey. You can start the final series of quests by meeting up once more with Wrathion, who is waiting for you at the Tavern in the Mists on the Veiled Stair. You’ll complete this quest on the Timeless Isle and upgrade your Celestial Cloak of Virtue to Legendary quality.

  • Only players equipped with a Legendary cloak can reach the Sanctum of Ordos atop the Timeless Isle. (This privilege extends account-wide.)


For those who have further to go before being able to take flight and face Ordos on the Timeless Isle, a few additional changes will help you complete your Legendary quest. All bosses in the Throne of Thunder now have a chance to drop a Sigil of Power or Sigil of Wisdom in addition to their normal loot for players on the appropriate step in the Legendary quest line. Players should also no longer be receiving excess Sigils of Power or Sigils of Wisdom.

The first eight bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar have a chance to drop a Sigil of Power, Sigil of Wisdom, Secrets of the Empire, or Titan Runestone in addition to their normal loot for players on the appropriate step in the Legendary quest line.


Quest Rewind

For anyone who has yet to progress very far into the quest line, it’s not too late. Get started with our “I Am Legendary” blog, which will take you up through Chapter III: Two Princes. For a complete walkthrough of the quest line from the start to its epic conclusion, check out Wowhead’s guide.

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