Play with the Blues: Ashran Live Stream
October 28th by Nethaera

Join us Wednesday, October 29 at 19:00 CET for a special live stream direct from Ashran.  Designers Brian Holinka and Chris Kaleiki will be joined by community manager, Josh “Lore” Allen to provide commentary and share insights on all that Ashran has to offer. Players on the beta realms are also invited to play alongside the blues, just be sure you’re camera ready because notable streamers, Hotted, Bajheera, and Treckie will also be diving into the action.

When: Wednesday, October 29 at 19:00 CET

Where: Those participating will want to create a character and login to the level 100 PvP realm. Just want to watch? Catch the action on our Twitch channel at

We’ll see you there!

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