World of Warcraft: Legion Now Live!

August 29th by Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes of the Horde and the Alliance, Azeroth needs your aid. The Burning Legion has returned—and World of Warcraft: Legion is NOW LIVE!

The time has come to embark on your quest to the Broken Isles, to seek out and master Artifact weapons of legendary might, and to rally like-minded champions to your cause in your Order Hall. In this desperate hour, you must also strike a forbidden pact with the outcast Demon Hunters of the Illidari, fel-twisted disciples of the dreaded Illidan the Betrayer. Should you fail . . . worlds will burn.

To prepare yourself for the battle against the Legion, check out the content and features available now in the new expansion.

World of Warcraft: Legion — The Fate of Azeroth

Legion Cinematic Trailer

New Content & Features

World Quests

In World of Warcraft: Legion, questing at level 110 comes in new variations called World Quests.

Class Halls

Every class needs a place to call home—a special retreat where support can be found, and a war room in which plans can be made.

World of Warcraft: Legion Release Schedule

Here’s a list of dates to look forward to as Azeroth fights off a demonic invasion.

Q&As with the Developers

Legion Developer Q&A

Assistant Game Director Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas answers Legion questions submitted by players.

Legion Professions Developer Q&A

Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit answers your questions about professions in Legion.

Legion World Quest and Demon Invasion Developer Q&A

Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel answers your community questions on World Quests and the Demon Invasion event.

Engineer’s Workshop: Extended Draw Distance

Join us in the Engineer’s Workshop and delve into an exciting visual update that extends draw distance in Legion.

Dev Watercooler: Gearing up for Legion PvP

Gear up for battle with Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka as he discusses upcoming changes to PvP.

Zone Overviews


This accursed land is rife with many mysteries, and serves as refuge to what remains of the Blue Dragonflight.


Within these densely forested lands, you’ll find the very heart of druidism.


Here, three tribes of Highmountain tauren are locked in a bitter struggle against the savage drogbar that threaten their lands.


The land of Stormheim is one of harsh beauty, a reflection of the vrykul who dwell here.

Dungeon Previews

Vault of the Wardens & Assault on Violet Hold

In this preview, we take a look at two of the expansion’s new dungeons: Vault of the Wardens and Assault on Violet Hold.

Eye of Azshara & Neltharion's Lair

In this preview, we take a look at two more of the expansion’s new dungeons: Eye of Azshara and Neltharion’s Lair.

Black Rook Hold & Dark Heart Thicket

In this preview, we take a look at two of the expansion’s new dungeons: Black Rook Hold and Darkheart Thicket.

Halls of Valor & Maw of Souls

In this preview, we take a look at two of the expansion’s new dungeons: Halls of Valor and Maw of Souls.

Audio and Video Stories


The Tomb of Sargeras
Part 1: The Fate of Another

Part 2: Old Friends

Part 3: The Tomb’s Fury

Part 4: Standing Alone