The Brew–HaHa of Brewfest Has Begun!

September 20th by Blizzard Entertainment

Strike up the music, Brewfest has begun! Whether it’s racing rams around barrels, barking to all of the corners of the city, or putting a stop to the Iron Dwarves incursion, you’ll find something for almost anyone during Brewfest.

When: September 20 - October 6
Where: Outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar

Coren Direbrew has stepped up his game within Blackrock Depths and will now be available through Raid Finder for characters who have reached 110. We’re sure you’ll get your Swift Brewfest Ram or Great Brewfest Kodo this year!

What do you get when you have everything? Use your Brewfest Prize Tokens to purchase some new items (we think everyone should have) this year: the Throwing Sausage, Gravil Goldbraid’s Famous Sausage Hat, and Synthbrew Goggles XL.

The competing brewers have made sure to bring with them some new cosmetic brews that can be purchased too:

  • T’Chali Voodoo Brewery- Spirit Spirits
  • Gordok - Gordock Bock
  • Thunderbrew- Storming Saison
  • Drohn’s Distillery- Mannoroth’s Blood Red Ale
  • Barleybrew: Shimmer Stout
Check our page about Brewfest and Wowhead’s complete guide.