In Remembrance: The Harvest Festival Has Arrived

September 29th by Blizzard Entertainment

The yearly Harvest Festival is now underway in Azeroth. This is a solemn time when the Alliance honors Uther the Lightbringer by lighting a candle at his tomb in the Western Plaguelands, while members of the Horde show their respect to Grommash Hellscream by leaving a bottle of spirits at the base of the Hellscream Memorial in Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale.

To commemorate those who have sacrificed their lives to help friends and allies, feasts are also held outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar in honor of these fallen heroes.

When: September 29–October 6
Where: Outside of Ironforge and Orgrimmar

This year, worgen, goblin, and pandaren now have unique tributes available to them in the quest, “Honoring a Hero.” All Harvest Festival foods also provide 4% health per tick.