Arena Pass Registration Is Now Open!
Arena Pass
May 5th by Takralus

Gather your teammates and prepare yourselves for one of the biggest online Arena events World of Warcraft has to offer; registration for the 2011 World of Warcraft Arena Pass is now open!

This premium service allows players to create up to three ready-made level 85 characters of any regular class and race combination, deck them out in some of the best gear in WoW, and then fight for glory, honor, a special title and even an in-game pet!

Top notch armor, weapons, accessories, enchants, gems, gold, glyphs, training, pets—they’ll all be freely available when you enter the Arena Pass realm so you can fully customise your characters as you see fit. Once you’re ready, all that’s left to do for you and your team is to go head-to-head with others in the Arena, focusing purely on skill and strategy, in a 3v3 format.

Besides the rush of competing with and against players dripping in full epics, there are a couple of other exclusive benefits to registering and taking part in this awesome Arena-focused service. All participants have the chance to earn themselves a special in-game pet. Play at least 50 matches with the same character and team during the last four weeks of the Arena Pass, and finish the event with this team, and you will take away a unique armoured murloc non-combat pet to accompany your adventurers on live realms. Play at least 100 matches with the same character and team during the last four weeks of the Arena Pass, and finish with this team in the top 1,000, and you will also earn the highly enviable ‘Vanquisher’ title for your eligible live realm characters!

If you have any questions or would like more details, please read the FAQ and be sure to come back to the site for more upcoming Arena Pass news and information.

Don’t miss out on the chance to prove yourself by fighting for glory in this epic Arena-focused premium service. Commit yourself to the mighty cause and register now to take part in the 2011 World of Warcraft Arena Pass!

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