Announcing the Schedule for the 2011 European Invitational
August 5th by eSports Team

All set for a weekend packed with the finest eSports action right from World of Warcraft’s Arenas and the depths of StarCraft II’s Koprulu sector? Great! But there’s one last thing you need to do before we begin: find out what will happen, and when, in the event schedule.

Whether you watch via the free HD live stream or dive into the crowd in person at the Multikino in Warsaw—this schedule is what you want to study to get the ultimate experience out of these two days.

  • On Saturday, watch the contestants’ arduous climb through the double-elimination brackets. We expect skilful manoeuvres, all-engulfing battles, and combatants emerging heroically from this clash of the best.
  • On Sunday you’ll be able to witness one grand final after the other. Steel yourselves for this feast of top-notch eSports entertainment and stay tuned for the celebration of the grand winners.

Check out the full schedule on the dedicated event website. This page has everything necessary to warm you up for the event, including: event information, pictures from the previous events, VODs of memorable matches from last year, and more!

See you in Warsaw (or else you’ll see us).

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