Ask the Devs — Now Closed
Ask the Devs
April 10th by Nakatoir

When a World of Warcraft Public Test Realm is opened, our community tends to have plenty of questions about it. To satisfy your curiosity, we plan to hold informal Q&As directly with the developers during future PTRs. This will allow you to get those burning questions answered, and give you some insight into the changes happening on the PTR.

“Ask the Devs” will function very simply: during a PTR, we may choose a topic of interest for the community, and then you’ll come up with questions related to that topic to ask the developers. Not only will you create the questions, but you’ll also get to vote on which of these questions should be sent to the developers to be answered. If you’d like to see responses to your PTR-related questions, then read on!


Questions :
Submission of questions and voting has now stopped, check out the questions asked here.
Answers :
The developers have now answered your questions, check them out here.

How to

The "How to" guide

  • During a PTR, we may choose a topic of interest for a round of Ask the Devs. The topic will be announced here and in the questions thread on the forum one week before the thread opens for question submission.
  • At the time specified in the forum post, we’ll unlock the thread and you’ll be able to submit and vote for your questions on the chosen topic.
  • After 48 hours, the thread will be locked. At that time you’ll no longer be able to post or vote for questions to be sent to the developers.
  • Once the thread has been locked, we’ll tally up the votes and send the top questions off to the World of Warcraft developers.
  • We’ll provide answers directly from the developers during the following week. Keep watching the blog for their responses!

What are the rules?

  • There’s a limit of one question per post.
  • Stay on topic. Questions that are not related to the chosen topic will not be sent to the developers, even if they’re rated highly.
  • Only post questions in the Ask the Devs thread – discussions are not permitted. If you would like to discuss the questions or a related matter, please do so in another thread.
  • A question being highly rated does not guarantee that it will be answered. We will, however, try to get as many questions answered as possible.
  • “Disliking” a post will not count toward its tally. Only “likes” will be counted.

A few handy tips

  • Don’t post or vote for questions that you know we cannot or will not answer. This Q&A is designed to give you more insight into the changes that are happening on the PTR, not to make announcements about future projects, expansions, or release dates. This includes questions not related to the Ask the Devs topic.
  • Make your questions as short and concise as possible so that they’re easy to understand for us and other players.
  • “Like” a post if you’d like to vote for it. Don’t bother “disliking” a post, as this will not influence our decision on which questions are sent to the developers.
  • Vote for any of the questions you’d like to see answered, but keep in mind the above tips.
  • Make sure to read the “Rules” and “How to” sections.

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