PvP Preview: Deepwind Gorge and The Tiger’s Peak

Deepwind Gorge
The war between the Horde and Alliance continues to escalate as both factions vie to claim Pandaria’s resources as their own. Deep within the Valley of the Four Winds, the mines of Deepwind Gorge serve as a Battleground where victory is measured not in fallen foes, but in gold.

In this level-90, 15-vs.15 Battleground, Horde and Alliance players begin at either side of the map and battle for control over three gold mines located centrally in the north, south, and middle.

Capturing a mine begins to add gold to your team’s count, and it continues to accrue as long as you have control of a mine. Controlling more than one mine at a time boosts the speed at which your team gains gold—though it would be wise to be wary of spreading your forces too thin.

The Cart of the Steal
Sometimes the best offense is a good defense, and that holds true within Deepwind Gorge. Each team has a mine cart at their base. If stolen, up to 200 gold will be removed from their total. If players return the cart, the gold will be restored. However, if the cart’s captured, their enemy will receive an additional 200 gold. A stolen cart or two could flip an entire battle on its head and change an inglorious defeat into a resounding win.

Just the Facts
Name: Deepwind Gorge
Location: Valley of the Four Winds
Size: 15 vs. 15
Capture Points: Northern (Pandaren themed), Central, and Southern (Goblin themed) Mines
Mine Carts: Capturing a mine cart will award the capturing team 200 gold per capture
Terms for Victory: 1,600 Gold
New Achievements

The Tiger’s Peak
High atop the majestic mountains of Kun-Lai Summit, the Tiger’s Peak Arena—training ground of the Shado-Pan—tests the mettle of all who enter its perilous boundaries. Combatants will need to take advantage of the looming tiger statues and fenced platforms to gain the upper hand and claim victory.

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