5.3: Escalation Round-Up
May 22nd by Rygarius
The battle for Pandaria is approaching a fever pitch. Her resources are plundered. Her earth is scoured. The Alliance and the Horde are at each other’s throats – but great dangers lurk within their own ranks.

While Warchief Garrosh Hellscream’s excavation squads bore deep into Pandaria’s Vale of Eternal Blossoms in search of chthonic power, Taran Zhu, lord of the Shado-Pan, grows increasingly concerned about the presence of outsiders in his homeland. Meanwhile, in search of new soldiers to shore up his war in Pandaria, King Varian Wrynn has been forced to turn to the Dark Iron Dwarf Princess Moira for aid.

The struggle for Pandaria threatens to engulf all Azeroth, and you’re at the forefront of the conflict. If you’re a former player of World of Warcraft and you haven't yet tried Escalation, you could be eligible to try it free for seven days. Offer ends June 20.

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