Charity Auction — Buy a Server Blade from Your Realm: Last Chance!

If you thought you had missed your chance to own a piece of Blizzard Entertainment history, we have good news for you: it’s not too late! Starting on January 23, we'll be releasing the last batch of retired EU server blades, which will be available for bidding on eBay. Don’t miss your final opportunity to take part in this charity auction — net proceeds will be donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

St. Jude is a pediatric hospital and research facility, where patients from Europe and around the world are cared for. European medical professionals benefit from the discoveries made at St. Jude in their treatment of children with cancer and other serious illnesses. Partner clinics across the globe are aided by the hospital's valuable research.

For more details, and to view the auction schedule for this final batch of server blades, please visit our information page.

To see exactly how much it would cost to have one of these servers blades delivered to you, see our reduced shipping costs.

English Realms
Al'Akir Argent Dawn Auchindoun Azjol-Nerub
Azuremyst Bloodscalp Boulderfist Burning Legion
Burning Steppes Chamber of Aspects Chromaggus Dentarg
Drak'thul Dunemaul Earthen Ring Emeriss
Executus Frostwhisper Genjuros Ghostlands
Grim Batol Haomarush Jaedenar Karazhan
Kor'gall Lightning's Blade Mazrigos Nagrand
Outland Saurfang Scarshield Legion Shattered Halls
Spinebreaker Sporeggar Stormreaver Sunstrider
Talnivarr Terenas Terokkar The Sha'tar
The Venture Co Trollbane Vashj Vek'nilash
Wildhammer Xavius    
German Realms
Aman'Thul Ambossar Antonidas Arygos
Blackhand Blackmoore Blackrock Blutkessel
Dalvengyr Das Konsortium Das Syndikat Der abyssische Rat
Der Mithrilorden Der Rat von Dalaran Destromath Die Arguswacht
Die ewige Wacht Die Nachtwache Die Silberne Hand Die Todeskrallen
Dun Morogh Durotan Echsenkessel Festung der Stürme
Garrosh Gorgonnash Gul'dan Kil'Jaeden
Lordaeron Malorne Mannoroth Mug'thol
Nathrezim Nazjatar Nefarian Nera'thor
Nethersturm Norgannon Nozdormu Rajaxx
Shattrath Taerar Teldrassil Terrordar
Tichondrius Tirion Todeswache Vek'lor
Wrathbringer Ysera Zuluhed  
French Realms
Arak-arahm Archimonde Chants éternels Confrérie du Thorium
Culte de la Rive noire Eitrigg Eldre'Thalas Garona
Hyjal Krasus La Croisade écarlate Les Clairvoyants
Marécage de Zangar Medivh Ner'zhul Sinstralis
Suramar Temple noir Throk'Feroth Uldaman
Varimathras Vol'jin    
Spanish Realms
Colinas Pardas C'Thun Dun Modr Exodar
Los Errantes Minahonda Sanguino Shen'dralar
Tyrande Uldum Zul'jin  
Russian Realms
Boreyskaya Tundra Cherniy Shram Drakonomor Galakrond
Goldrinn Gordunni Grom Korol Lich
Piratskaya Bukhta Podzemie Razuviy Sedogriv
Strazh Smerti Svezhevatel Dush Termoshtepsel Tkach Smerti
Vechnaya Pesnya Yaseneviy Les Revuschiy Fjord  

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