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WoW Classic: Descend Into the Depths of Blackwing Lair

Delve into the dark recesses of Blackrock Mountain to uncover the dark secrets waiting in this 40-pl...

a year ago
The Eternal Palace Raid: Raid Finder Wing 3 Now Available!

Face Queen Azshara’s most devoted champions in an epic new raid—The Eternal Palace.

a year ago
Uldir Mythic and Raid Finder Wing 1 Available!

Uldir Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1: The Halls of Containment are now available! Read on ...

2 years ago
The Gates Are Open and New Challenges Await!

The time is at hand to take on new challenges across Azeroth! Get ready for Normal and Heroic raidin...

2 years ago
Raid Preview: The Nighthold

The journey through Suramar has been fraught with intrigue and danger as the heroes of Azeroth have ...

4 years ago
Raid Preview: Taking on the Trial of Valor

Get ready to journey further into the tale of Odyn and Helya in the new raid dungeon, Trial of Valor...

4 years ago
Unleashed Monstrosities: A Look at World Bosses

Each week on the Broken Isles, one of 11 monstrous world bosses will offer a challenge to all comers...

4 years ago
World of Warcraft: Legion Release Schedule

World of Warcraft: Legion launches in Europe on August 30. To help you keep track of all of the even...

4 years ago
Blackrock Foundry Raid Schedule

It won’t be long before you’ll be able to take the assault against the Iron Horde to the next level....

6 years ago
Re-visiting Heroism’s Past – Molten Core

If you've never taken on an older raid solo, or you'd like to learn some classic trivia, ste...

7 years ago
Raid Finder Q&A

The new Raid Finder system will soon make its live debut with patch 4.3. While we’ve shared some det...

9 years ago