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Arena World Championship Spring Season: A Viewer’s Guide

Tune in from February 8 for the world’s best PvP.

13 days ago
WoW Esports in 2019

The launch of the Mythic Dungeon International, Arena returns, and we heard you like toys.

a month ago
AWC and MDI Competitive Rulings

Comprehensive source of rulings and actions in WoW esports.

2 months ago
5 Things We Learned from AWC Opening Week

From upsets and air travel, to Allied Races and sage advice, AWC’s initial day set the stage for a t...

4 months ago
MDI All Stars at BlizzCon: A Viewer’s Guide

Everything you need to know about our most high-pressure race of the year!

4 months ago
Arena World Championship at BlizzCon: A Viewers’ Guide

Everything you need to know as we step into the biggest arena of the year.

4 months ago
The AWC Fall Finale Starts Friday

With BlizzCon on the horizon, the final NA/EU Cup of the Fall Season is up for grabs.

5 months ago
The NA/EU Fall Cup #2 Finalizes BlizzCon Representatives

Two down, one to go! Before we head into the final Cups of the Fall Season, let's look back at t...

5 months ago
Trinkets Usher in a New Meta

There was a method to the madness in the first Arena World Championship Cups of the Fall Season.

5 months ago
Tune in September 14-16 for the Fall Arena World Championship Cup #1

Tune in this weekend for the Fall Arena World Championship Cup #1! We’ve got all the information you...

5 months ago
The BlizzCon® 2018 Celebration Kicks Off Early With the Virtual Ticket

BlizzCon season starts today! Unlock access to original BlizzCon video series, get the first commemo...

5 months ago
Announcing the 2018 Arena World Championship Fall Season

As conflict burns in the Battle for Azeroth, the power of the greatest Horde and Alliance heroes ign...

6 months ago
BlizzCon® 2018 – Third Ticket Sale Added!

Hoping to attend BlizzCon this year but didn’t manage to snag a ticket during the first two sales? Y...

6 months ago
The Rivalries and Surprises of the Summer Finals

The best teams rose to the top but the fun was in how they got there.

7 months ago
WoW Arena World Championship Summer Finals Viewer's Guide

There's a spot at BlizzCon on the line in this second seasonal championship event of the year.

7 months ago
From Group Finder to Grand Champions: MDI Global Finals

Kjell’s Angels punched their ticket to BlizzCon and MDI All-Stars with their win at the Mythic Dunge...

8 months ago
Mythic Dungeon Invitational Global Finalists, Explained

With the regional group stage behind them, the top eight teams meet in Columbus, Ohio for the first-...

8 months ago
Watch the Mythic Dungeon Invitationals Invitational Global Finals Take Place June 22–24

The top two teams from the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and China will take the stage at the Myth...

8 months ago
The Move Run North America

The field is set for the Summer Finals. Read on to see who made the cut from North America.

8 months ago
Mythic Dungeon Invitational Global Finals Begin June 22!

It began with 32 teams going head-to-head over a series of four weekends—and now it’s come down to t...

9 months ago
Tune In June 16–17 for the WoW Arena World Championship: North American Qualifier Cup 3

The WoW Arena World Championship Summer Season qualifier cups conclude this weekend with the North A...

8 months ago
Method Black Back to the Top

The third European Cup is in the books, and the hierarchy of the AWC is clearer than ever.

8 months ago
Watch the WoW Arena World Championship Summer Finals July 14–15!

We’re excited to announce the AWC Summer Finals will be held in Katowice, Poland on July 14 and 15! ...

8 months ago
North America Can't Bust The Move

The first North American Cup for the summer season saw a new team rise to prominence.

9 months ago
BlizzCon 2018 Benefit Dinner Tickets Sold Out

Tickets to this year’s BlizzCon Benefit Dinner for CHOC Children’s are now sold out—stay tuned for m...

9 months ago