Visions of N'Zoth
Released in January 2020 | World of Warcraft Content Update

Freed at long last from his titan-wrought prison, the Old God N'Zoth returned to his seat of power—Ny'alotha, the Waking City. There he gathered his forces and prepared to unleash a new age of madness upon the mortal world.

Elsewhere in Azeroth, a different battle raged on. Varok Saurfang, after rescuing Baine Bloodhoof, recruited assistance from Thrall, Anduin—who mustered the Alliance—and Horde dissidents. Saurfang's was a battle for honor, for the very soul of the Horde. The combined army traveled to the gates of Orgrimmar where Saurfang challenged Sylvanas Windrunner to Mak'gora, a duel for the title of Warchief. Empowered by a mysterious force, Sylvanas struck a lethal blow to the old soldier after proclaiming that "the Horde is nothing". She discarded the mantle of Warchief and left Orgrimmar, losing support from all but a few clandestine loyalists.

With the armies of both the Horde and Alliance depleted from the long war, N'Zoth sensed the perfect time to strike. As his shadowy servants assaulted the Forge of Origination in Uldum and the Engine of Nalak'sha in Pandaria, the heroes of Azeroth were aided by the return of Wrathion. The black dragon provided the means to resist the Old God's seductive promises of power and his nightmarish visions of a horrific future. The heroes of Azeroth stormed Ny'alotha and fought through the twisted armies of the Black Empire. In the end, they channeled the full power of the Forge of Origination through the Heart of Azeroth, defeating N'Zoth and purging his corruption from the world. 

The leaders of the Horde and Alliance signed a treaty to bring the Fourth War to an end. The Battle for Azeroth was over, but the whereabouts of Sylvanas were still unknown....

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