Preorder the World of Warcraft Tribute Art Book

World of Warcraft Tribute is now available for preorder! Coming in October, this UDON-published collection of community-created artwork celebrates the iconic characters, epic lore, and legendary locations of World of Warcraft.

Last year, Blizzard and UDON put out a call for professional and fan artists around the world to share their unique visions of Azeroth. The top submissions have been selected and collected, and you can preorder the resulting book now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Featuring over 200 illustrations, including special commemorative pieces by Blizzard artists Samwise Didier and Arnold Tsang, World of Warcraft Tribute chronicles the legacy of Azeroth as seen through players’ eyes.

Be sure to check out an exclusive preview of this collectible book over on UDON’s site.