Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Unborn Val’kyr
August 23rd by Crithto

Tracking and trapping skills are extremely important. Ask any hunter—it takes time and dedication to stalk your prey. And out here in Northrend where yours truly makes his home, it’s not as easy as you’d think. Around every corner, trampling all the flowers, are the Scourge . . . icky, smelly Scourge! The rumor is, if one touches you, you’ll wander off aimlessly in search of brains for all eternity. Ha, you’re used to that already!

In order for you to become a tracking master, I’ve cooked up a fun little exercise that’s sure to keep you on your toes. Literally! At 0600 hours, I want you to assemble with your fellow tamers at the Argent Tournament grounds. From there, you’ll head out on foot across Northrend in search of the elusive Unborn Val’kyr. No compass, no flying mount, and no Conjured Mana Cakes are allowed! Just good ol’ fashioned determination and a whole lot of time. Best bring a walking stick!

When I say elusive, I mean they’re harder to find than being hit with lightning twice while riding on a devilsaur on top of a shark with laser beams. And don’t even think about jammin’ to da voodoo and doing a dance or something thinking that will make one appear. You are clearly on your own with this task. Don’t worry, though, when you get back to the Tournament grounds, I’ll have tutti frutti snow cones waiting for you.

Not really!

Do your thing, pug.


Crithto: Unborn Val’kyr are remnants of the blight laid upon the women of Valkyrion by the Lich King. While they may not possess the same undead-raising skills as their fully developed mothers, they can certainly be a bane on other pets. Strictly undead in ability, each one is capable of ripping apart your opponent using spells like Curse of Doom and Haunt. Survival, of course, is merely relative to these creatures, as they can use Siphon Life to extend their time on the battlefield or cast Unholy Ascension to give your team the edge. Adorable? Yes. Deadly? Double yes!

When you get to Icecrown, do me a favor? Try not to cry too much, because your tears only make the cold ground slippery. SEE YOU IN THE MORNIN’!!

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