Coming Soon: World of Warcraft: Trivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit
September 6th by Blizzard Entertainment

If you consider yourself the keeper of all World of Warcraft knowledge, then it’s time to buff up your Intellect and get ready for World of Warcraft: Trivial Pursuit. You and your friends will be able to tackle 600 questions across 6 categories including: Geography, Player Characters, Lore, Loot, Villains, and Encounters. “What about the Murlocs?” you ask? You’re right; it just wouldn’t be the same without them. Don’t worry though; you’ll be playing in style with special hand-crafted Murloc dice and six adorable colored baby Murloc movers.

When can you get your hands on this intellectual Mount Neverest? World of Warcraft: Trivial Pursuit is expected to hit store shelves and this month! Stay tuned.