Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Lesser Voidcaller

October 18th by Crithto

When I was a boy, I used to have a recurring nightmare where I was in a dark room lit only by a sliver of light that leaked in from beneath the door. It would take me a few moments for my eyes to adjust, at which point I would go from sensing a presence to seeing the silhouette of a shadowy being against the far wall. “Who are you?!” I’d cry out. “What do you want?!” But it felt like my words were entering a vacuum, as if the creature was drawing the air out of my lungs. Standing idly, the menacing figure eerily emanated a subtle swirl of noise, as if it was sucking up all the hope and happiness from around it. It was utter sadness, I say!

Then, the lanterns hanging from its shoulders would begin to glow, and it would hiss in a voice that pierced my very soul. “Cannot resissssst”, it would say. Resist . . . resist . . . my mind would become a flurry of fear and instinct. I must resist!

Every time I’d have this nightmare, I’d reach for my sword and try to lunge at the creature, hoping to scare it away. And every time, a cold, lifeless cloud of darkness would overwhelm me . . . and I would instantly awaken.

For years I wanted to confront this beast, and it wasn’t until after I enlisted in the military that I finally got my chance.


Crithto: Enigmatic and emanating pure demonic fury, a voidwalker is sometimes the last thing someone encounters before crossing over into death. Similarly, a skillfully commanded Lesser Voidcaller can lead an opponent’s Pet Battle team to its own dark demise. Curse of Doom and a series of Nether Blast spells are sure to do an incredible amount of damage, but you can also promote your pet’s survivability by taking advantage of Siphon Life and Drain Power. Even if you don’t care about versatility, you’ll certainly have one of the creepiest-looking pets in game—so best of luck out there!

High Astromancer Solarian was her name, and a cold lifeless grave was her . . . uhh . . . game! See? ’Cause she acts all tough and stuff but really just wanted me to end her miserable life, so that totally makes sense. Totally.

Stop lookin’ at me funny!

Okay, fine, that was a stretch—why don’t you just go and find out for yourself? THERE’S SOMETHING IN YOUR EYE!


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