New Player Tips: Welcome to the Machine
New Player Tips
December 20th by Lylirra

With the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, new adventurers are joining the ranks of the Horde and the Alliance almost every day. Though these players are able to find a lot of helpful information through our in-game tutorials and community guides, when you're learning the ropes, nothing really beats the wisdom of an experienced player. That's why each week we'll be reaching out to all of our veterans for tips, tricks, and trade secrets about a variety of different topics to help put new recruits on the path to success.

To kick things off, this week's inaugural topic is: questing. While questing might be second nature to you by now, we know you've got plenty of advice on how to navigate that big sparkly sea of exclamation points, kill targets, and quest text. After all, when you're questing, you have to consider who to kill, who to save, where to go, what to collect, what to avoid, when to group up with other players, how to manage all that stuff in your inventory, and when to head back to the quest givers -- that's quite a lot to keep up with, even if you're already familiar with the ebb and flow of Azeroth.

If you could provide any advice to new players on how to make the questing experience more enjoyable, what would you say? There's no wrong answer, so share your thoughts in the comments!

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