Alliance Worldbreaker Preview
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December 23rd by Blizzard Entertainment

The forces of the Alliance return from Northrend, victorious in their battle against the Lich King, but not without casualties. The loss of Highlord Bolvar Fordragon has taken its toll on the forces of the Alliance, most notably on King Varian Wrynn. Unfortunately the sands of time flow without pause, and there is little time for mourning. Deathwing has erupted back into the world, and he has left a trail of destruction in his wake. Just as Stormwind lies shattered beneath the Dragon Aspect’s might, Deathwing's return may have caused some unforeseen results. The nation of Gilneas, isolated since the end of the Second War behind Greymane’s Wall, will return to rejoin the Alliance and bring with them a feral rage like no other.


Enter the Worgen

Just as both Cataclysm and the upcoming World of Warcraft Trading Game set Worldbreaker introduce goblins to the Horde, the Alliance will see the addition of the ferocious worgen. Up until now, the Horde has had the lion's share of aggression and viciousness, but now the worgen seek to balance the scales. In this new race, the Alliance will finally be given greater access to the keyword Ferocity, which was previously almost exclusive to the Horde. Who better to add this keyword to the Alliance than these terrifying balls of fur that have the racial ability Darkflight?

Worgen are not just all fangs and claws, however. One of their racial abilities, Aberration, adds new meaning to the phrase “hard to kill.” Any worgen that possess this new keyword will be able to prevent any damage that you try to deal to them with abilities. You had better find a new target for your Lightning Bolt or Wrath because they will likely just further anger these cursed beasts.

Cataclysm will allow new worgen players to experience Gilneas as they level up and prepare to rejoin the Alliance. The introduction of worgen heroes in Worldbreaker will also allow players to use the location of Gilneas in their decks. While Gilneas eventually falls into the hands of the Forsaken, King Genn Greymane will not likely leave his kingdom in the hands of Sylvanas. King Greymane will do whatever it takes to protect his people from further pain, and you would do well to keep out of his way, especially if his brethren are around.

Both civilized and savage, the worgen can have the charm of the most sophisticated human, and the blood-thirsty rage of the most ferocious orc. If you’re looking for the polish of an older time, but you still possess the vicious drive to repair this broken world, you’ll want to pick up some of these worgen allies in the Worldbreaker set from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Let loose the beast within!

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