Surviving the Leap: A Poll
February 29th by Kaivax

Happy Leap Day! Today is February 29, a date that doesn’t come every year, so you should do something memorable. We suggest you go take a leap.

The Achievement “Going Down?” rewards you with 10 Achievement Points when you fall at least 65 yards and don’t die. Unless you take precautionary measures – and who does that, really?? – a fall of about 70 yards will kill you, so you’re going to want to pick your spot very carefully. Fortunately, there are many well-known places to take the plunge!

On Leap Day, I’d Prefer to Leap From:
The tower in the middle of Searing Gorge (a <i>gorgeous</i> place)
The bridge to Scryers Rise in Shattrath (an <i>Outlandish</i> spot)
One of the many high ledges in Undercity (a risky <i>under</i>taking)
The lifts at Thunder Bluff (fall too far and it will be <i>Mul</i>-gory)
The top of the stairs in Stormwind Harbor (I <i>sea</i> what you did there)
Some other place (dropped in the comments below)
Ended 2 years ago

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