Get Lucky: A Poll
March 14th by Kaivax

This is the week when people in many parts of the world celebrate luck with shamrocks and funny wee people all dressed in green. We don’t have many shamrocks in Azeroth, but we do have plenty of raid groups looking for any luck they can get.

In that moment before a big fight, many people try to create some good luck by invoking a tradition. Do you?

When my raid group is about to pull a boss, we always get good luck by:
Saying a mantra
Playing a song in chat (… you know – the one with that beat)
Having the same person start the pull every time
Putting a campfire down, of course (We’ve got spirit, yes, we do!)
We all bring out our luckiest pets
Other (<i>fortunately</i> explained in the comments below)
My group doesn’t have a luck tradition (and maybe we should get one)
Ended a year ago

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