Yaaarrrr and Ahoy–It’s Pirate’s Day in Booty Bay!

September 19th by Blizzard Entertainment

Don your best piratical gear and set sail for Booty Bay—Pirate’s Day has arrived! No costume? No problem. Once recruited by Dread Captain DeMeza, you’ll look the part in (nearly) every way. You’ll just need to do a little /dance to win her over.

If you get attached to your new look, you’ll want to do the new quest You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat! Succeed, and you’ll get an Emergency Pirate Outfit (or five) for when Pirate’s Day is but a distant memory and really just need to let your inner pirate out.

But no buccaneer is truly complete without a little something extra—like a parrot called “Petey.” Captain DeMeza can help on that front too, but you’ll need to give her a few shiny coins in exchange.

You never know when the Captain is going to need you to leap into action (though her shouting could be a good indicator). Turns out there’s something in the water around Booty Bay, and that something is an elite shark who goes by the name of Ol’Eary.* Gather your crew and prepare to take him out.

Those truly generous of heart (or just plain foolhardy) can also purchase a Big Bag of Booty to “share” with those around you. At 300 gold, it’s a bargain—for everyone else.

*Not responsible for shark-induced nightmares including dreams featuring sharks in bathtubs, swimming pools, small fountains, ponds, lakes, tornadoes, or any other location in which sharks probably aren’t but you’re sure they COULD be.