2016 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 17th by Nebu

The Halloween season has finally arrived, and we’re ready to cut straight to the heart of the holiday. If you're dying to pick up a knife and hack, gash, slash, and jab at something, then you might be excited to hear that as of October 17, Blizzard's 2016 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest has officially begun! Unleash your magical axes, psi blades, chitinous claws, and other creative cutlery to carve up Blizzard-themed jack-o''-lanterns of epic awesomeness. If you're unclear as to what epic awesomeness looks like in the flesh, you can check out previous pumpkins for some inspiration..

We’ll choose five of the grandest Cucurbita to each receive $60.00 Battle.net® Balance. Don’t delay; start carving right away! The fourteenth annual pumpkin carving contest ends on October 27, so be sure to check out the contest page for rules and eligibility and get straight to slicing.