Unlocking Flying: Class Order Campaign

February 21st by Blizzard Entertainment

Want to take to the skies of the Broken Isles? Read the latest in our series: Unlocking Flying. This installment takes you through the achievement A Glorious Campaign—part of Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One.

A Class Act

With the release of Legion, Class Order Halls opened their doors to the heroes of Azeroth. Each Class Order Hall is unique, offering quest chains, aesthetics, and lore that reflect your character. The zone is an homage to class fantasy, delving into what it means to play the character you do.

And it’s about much more than what it means to belong to a class. The experience includes Artifact levelling and traits; recruiting, levelling and training Champions and troops; and unique armor sets and appearances available from your class quartermaster.

What Your Class Order Hall Can Do For You

  • Spend Artifact Power on traits for your Artifact weapon(s)
  • Change your Artifact appearance
  • Research Artifact Knowledge, incrasing the rate at which you gain Artifact Power
  • Complete Class Hall Missions using recruited Champions and troops
  • Earn rewards from Missions: Artifact Power, gold, rare quests, Champion upgrades and more
  • Unique armor sets and appearances from your class quartermaster
  • If you run Mythic+ dungeons, collect your Grand Challenger's Bounty for the previous week

Starting The Quest Chain

When you’ve completed the initial Artifact quest line, a quest appears by the table in your Class Order Hall.  There’s no trick to completing the campaign, it’s a matter of following the quest line and enjoying the class experience along the way. For a full breakdown of quest lines by class, Varenne has created an excellent guide on Wowhead.

Unlocking Flying for Broken Isles Explorer: Part One

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