Warcraft Short Story: “Dark Mirror”

Nathanos Blightcaller has faithfully served the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner, both in life and in undeath. This service has demanded great sacrifice—and difficult choices. His unlife has been measured out in many conquests as champion of the Forsaken, but the burden of his duty to the Dark Lady has taken a toll upon his ever-decaying body.

Nathanos looked down at his left hand. There was enough skin and sinew remaining to grasp a bow, and to teach even the clumsiest of his pupils how to nock an arrow. But he could tell that his strength had waned. His undead flesh continued its inevitable decay, and there would come a day when this hand would be rendered useless or rot away altogether. What good would he be to her then?

He might be a decomposing husk, he told himself, but he still knew the meaning of duty. "Tell me what you command, my queen."

Taking place just prior to the first demon invasions of Legion, “Dark Mirror” by Senior Game Designer Steve Danuser explores Nathanos Blightcaller's past, the decisions he has faced, and his ultimate transformation. Read it now.