NA Arena Championship Finals: Patron of War Title Is Back!
September 8th by Blizzard Entertainment

Good news, everyone! If you missed out on getting the Patron of War title from last year, your luck is in. All you have to do is tune in to the lives stream of the NA Championship Finals on Twitch – and… well that’s it.

Here’s What You Do:

  • Tune in, live, to the NA Championship Finals on the Twitch profile you have linked to your Blizzard account.
  • THE END!

When Will I Get My Title?

The titles will be awarded within a few weeks of the stream, so don’t panic if you don’t see the title immediately – we haven’t forgotten you.

Help! My Account Isn’t Linked!

No problem! From your Twitch account, go to: Settings > Connections > > follow the instructions, and click Connect. If you want to do that now, you can head to the Twitch Settings page here.

But I Don’t Have A Twitch Account :(

You can create one easily, and—once your Blizzard account is connected—grab that title for your collection.

Tune in = get title. It’s that simple.

12 Teams In, Only 4 Can Win

12 teams are competing, but only 4 can go to the world final at BlizzCon. Who will be there? The North America Arena World Championship is live 7-10 September on our Twitch channel. To keep up with the action, tune in to the broadcast each day at 12:00pm PDT, don’t miss out!

Here’s where to catch the action, Thursday-Sunday from 12:00pm PDT

If you need a quick reminder of what's been happening, watch the latest episode of Gladiator's Summit here.

  Frogs In A Pond


Chanimal Warlock Novoz Resto Shaman
Wealthyman                  Mage Chunli Windwalker Monk
Inviable Enhance Shaman Thugonomics     Destro Warlock
Kubzy Resto Druid Vellido Death Knight

  Tempo Storm

  Method: Reborn

Jahmilli Mage, Balance Druid, Ele Shaman       Cdew Resto Shaman
Pikaboo Rogue  Samiyam Mage 
Gorecki Resto Druid, Resto Shaman Bean Feral Druid, Prot Paladin  
Snutz Warlock, Warrior, Rogue 

  Your Name Here

  Method: Awakened

Vanguards Ret Paladin Absterge Resto Shaman
Kaska Resto Shaman Smexxin Warrior, Enhance Shaman, Balance Druid       
Yoske Hunter, Prot Paladin Roastyz Rogue
Goob Warlock Wizk Shadow Priest

  Method: Synergy

  Pnda Gaming

Maldiva Warlock Sethcurry Windwalker Monk
Kolo Resto Shaman, Resto Druid Brain Holy Paladin
Mes Demon Hunter, Death Knight            Mageiden Mage
Trill Windwalker Monk Prevy Balance Druid



Woopy Windwalker Monk Joxi Resto Shaman
Vices Arms Warrior Ozz Warlock
Hotsjkpurge Enhance Shaman Roscoe Demon Hunter
Envious Priest

  Sneaky Snakes

     Panda Global

Amne Disc Priest Rubcub Holy Paladin
Avengelyne Ret Paladin Rositajones Mage
Sychzy Feral Druid Wallabare Feral Druid, Arms Warrior
Ssds Hunter Jellybeans Hunter, Shadow Priest

Your Hosts

These are the faces (and voices) providing expert opinion, hype and point-by-point analysis.

Good luck to all the teams, and see you on the stream at 12pm

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