Holiday Dessert Contest Winners

Another holiday season has come and gone, and while parting may be bittersweet, the entries you baked up and photographed for the 2010 Blizzard Holiday Dessert Contest were all sweet, all the time.  This contest was a community favorite last year, so we once again asked you to bake a dessert with a distinctly Blizzard flavor and snap a photo to share the joy (if not the taste). We were amazed by the deliriously delicious delights and tantalizing treats you tempted us with!

After reviewing all of the entries, we came away more than a little hungry (send cupcakes, pls), but we were finally able to get over our grumbling tummies to select these truly mouthwatering winners. Feast your eyes on these five fantastic finalists, and please join us in congratulating them on their leet baking skills!


Rachael High – Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
“Nom, nom, nom... mrglmrglmrglmrgl!!! (Deep-sea murloc cake.)”


Erin Coles – Long Beach, CA, USA
“All the leaders of the Horde and Alliance tucked neatly into their cupcake beds! I even made a murloc, boomkin, and Deathwing bed! Completely edible, very cute, and tasty!”


Derek Morelan – Gentry, AR, USA
“The Goldshire Inn spreading its holiday cheer. Happy holidays, Blizzard team.”


Jaclyn Nguyen – Houston, TX, USA
“ ‘He's climbin' down your chimney, snatchin' your presents up!’ Goblin Santa in a chimney. The goblin is molded from Rice Krispies treats while the chimney is made from cake. All is covered by fondant and gum paste.”


Cecilia Arnqvist – Luleå, Sweden
“I made this beautiful gingerbread Stormwind City, but my chocolate cake destroyed it. Deathwing is a delicious and moist orange- and clove-flavored chocolate cake, with wings of caramelized sugar. He lost one wing, but he's not called Deathwings, is he? The fires are also made of caramelized sugar. I've never in my life encountered something so difficult to photograph; a fly underwater in the dark would've been easier. But it'll have to do.”


Check out the contest winner's page to view honorable mentions as well.

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