SPOILERS INSIDE!!! Battle for Azeroth: The Story So Far – Week 2

August 23rd by Blizzard Entertainment

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Turn back now if you have yet to play through the current Kul Tiras or Zandalar story lines.

The Battle for Azeroth continues, and for those interested in the latest story developments, we’ve collected several in-game cinematics—including the culmination of current events in Kul Tiras and Zandalar!

Jaina’s Nightmare

Jaina Proudmoore continues to wrestle with her inner demons, including the betrayal of her father Admiral Daelin Proudmoore. Sleep is fleeting—and when it comes, it’s full of nightmares.

Rastakhan’s Deal with Bwonsamdi

Deals with the loa often come at a cost. When Rastakhan makes a deal with Bwondsamdi, the loa of death, what price will he pay?

Realm of Torment

Jaina Proudmoore has lived with her own personal torment for years, both as betrayed and betrayer. Her path to salvation rests not only in her choices today, but in her ability to forgive those who have hurt her most—including herself.

The Return of Hope: Kul Tiras

For the heroes of the Alliance, every path has led back to Kul Tiras. There, Jaina Proudmoore must reclaim her heritage and embrace her role as the daughter of the sea. To do, she’ll need to summon the Kul Tiran fleet and defend her ancestral home.

The Threat Within: Zandalar

Threats from within and without have plagued the Zandalari and their king, Rastakhan. But no threat could be greater than when the great seal within Zuldazar is shattered and an ancient evil is set free from its prison.