Explorers' League Journal: Da Voodoo Shuffle
February 26th by Lylirra

Welcome to the Explorers' League Journal, our weekly recap of news and events from around Azeroth. Each week we'll cover a variety of topics including patch notes, hotfixes, contests, helpful guides, and recent blue posts to keep you up-to-date on the latest game and community developments.

Find out what happened this week below. If you missed our last entry, you can check it out here.


Patch 4.1.0 Now Live on the PTR - Check out what's in store for the next World of Warcraft patch.

Recent Hotfixes (Updated 02/22) - Keep tabs on recent hotfixes following patch 4.0.6. You can also visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues still under investigation.

Machinima Live - Tune into this 24-hour live stream and watch as the folks from MachinimaRealm attempt to defeat every World of Warcraft dungeon in just five days.

J!NX World of Warcraft T-Shirt Design Contest - Voting is now open! Log in to select your favorite designs submitted by talented artists from around the community.


Survival Guides

New Player Tips: Dial M for Macro - What macro advice would you give to new players?

Better Living Through Macros - Speaking of macros, if you're completely new to the process of combining abilities, item uses, and targeting functionality using the macro interface, Raygecow has the perfect beginner's guide for you.

TankSpot's Guide to Heroic Conclave of Wind - Trying to terminate this trio of tempests on Heroic mode? TankSpot's Papapaint will help you triumph.

Ten Ton Hammer's Glory of the Cataclysm Hero Guide (Updated!) - Ten Ton Hammer has added the last of their Heroic achievements guides, rounding out the list with Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep.


Around the Community

The Limerick - Recently, GUComics asked its readers to create a simple but catchy limerick to help raise account security awareness. The prize? A free Battle.net Authenticator. (Pretty cool, huh?)

The winning entries have been selected, and they're downright poetic, so check 'em out!

1.12.1/4.0.3/2019 - BaronSoosdon takes us on a gorgeous, but nonetheless mysterious journey across space and time in this visually-stunning video.

Lifebinder (Ft. Deathwing) - Mr. Voletron is back with another awesome remix, this time featuring the enchanting vocals of The Destroyer himself.

What Happens During Server Maintenance - WoWCrendor explores one possible answer to the age-old question: "What happens during realm maintenance?"


Forum Watch

What Actor Would Play Your Main in a Movie? - The sky's the limit!

Human Etiquette for Gnomes - Humans and gnomes don't always see eye-to-eye. For one, there's the height difference and, for two, well...who can forget the punting? With the proper guidance, however, even the tiniest tinkerer can learn to forge healthy working relationships with their Stormwind allies.

Why Do You Play Horde or Alliance? - Every player gets to decide between the Horde and the Alliance when creating a new character. What inspired you to align with one faction over the other?

Best Noob Moments - What's your favorite memory from when you first started playing?

Impractical Things in World of Warcraft - If the laws of the natural world applied to Azeroth, what sort of things do you think would be different?

Recent Blue Posts

Deterrence and Aimed Shot Hotfix Clarifications

Does using the forum "Report" feature gain "Blue" poster attention?

Feral Druid Concerns

Ignite Munching

Body and Soul Nerfed in 4.1.0?



See you next week!

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