Poll: Reel Serious Options
March 11th by Kaivax

Going fishing in Azeroth and Outland means different things to different players. Some consider it a source of easy profits. Some only fish in order to cook for their raid team. Others role-play the profession, from the contents of their tackle-box to the location of their favorite fishing hole.

This week’s poll asks, "Why do you fish in World of Warcraft?"


Why do you fish in World of Warcraft?
Mainly because I can sell the fish I catch for a nice profit.
Mostly because my raid team depends on my skills with a hook.
It is primarily a part of my character’s role-playing adventures.
Because fish make good pet food!
For the most part, I fish for the achievements and rare finds that can only be obtained with a lure.
I used to fish a lot, to level up fishing and/or cooking, but not any more.
I’ve never done much fishing.
Ended 7 years ago

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