Explorers' League Journal: One Fish, Two Fish

March 15th by Lylirra

Welcome to the Explorers' League Journal, our weekly recap of news and events from around Azeroth. Each week we'll cover a variety of topics including patch notes, hotfixes, contests, helpful guides, and recent blue posts to keep you up-to-date on the latest game and community developments.

Find out what happened last week below. If you missed our previous entry, you can check it out here.


Ask the Devs Round #1 Answers - The first round of answers from the developers is now up! (Be sure to vote up your favorite PvP-related questions for round #2, as well.)

Patch 4.1 PTR Notes (Updated 03/09) - The latest PTR patch notes are now live. Learn more about upcoming changes to classes, dungeons, raids, and more.

Cataclysm Quest Mechanics - We added a variety of new mechanics this expansion to help improve the player questing experience. Were we successful? Did you enjoy the changes? Let us know!

Blizzard Retrospective Video - Clocking in at almost an hour, this video features candid commentary from the people who have spent the last two decades creating the games that helped make Blizzard Entertainment the company it is today.

2010 Global Writing Contest Winners - Though the loss of life and limb was great, the ocular fortitude of our judges allowed them to see the job through: the winners of the 2010 Global Writing Contest have been chosen.

Poll: Reel Serious Options - One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Do you fish?


Survival Guides

New Player Tips: We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat - What advice would you give newer players leveling their Fishing profession?

Numbers Where You Want Them: Movable Stats - Did you know that you can control the position and presence of your character’s statistics in the character info frame?

TankSpot's Guide to Heroic Atramedes - Out, out brief candle!


We've also recently stickied several threads created by your fellow posters, so be sure to check them out:

So You Want to be a Tank: A Beginner's Guide - by Gruklaar

Going Walkabout: A Tanking Movement Guide - by  Jey

Forum RP: Types and Expectations - by Meep

In-Game Roleplay: The Basics - by Shandris

Roleplay Guildmaster Compendium - by Arialynn


Around the Community

Good Question - GUComics prefers poached perch.  

But I'm Really Number One - The Daily Blink tops the meters with this week's comic.

Like the Game - The wait is over! Oxhorn has added another great video to his "Short Shorts" series, and this time he takes on pop music.

LetomiUndercover - Singer/songwriter Letömi debuted two new original songs this week set in the world of Azeroth: "I Brought a Pally" and "LFM." They're on her new YouTube channel, so be sure to check them out!

Where's My Tank - Speaking of Letömi, she and Darkfox recently teamed up to put a nice World of Warcraft spin on Rihanna's hit song "What's My Name." (Machinima by Tyr.)


And here's some epic fan art, too (in addition to our gallery update):

Against the Destroyer - by creative-horizon

Blood Elf - by KEKSE0179

Geared Up...Or Not - by PRDart

Varian Wrynn vs Deathwing - by SiaKim

Worgen -- also by SiaKim


Forum Watch

Fondest WoW Moment - In your days, weeks, and/or years of gaming, what's been your favorite in-game moment, and why?

If You Woke up in Azeroth as Your Character - ...what would you do? (Since this thread topic was so popular, there's now a part 2!)

You're Going Down! - Similar to the above question: If you suddenly found yourself in Azeroth, what's the biggest and meanest mob that you think you could actually take on?

You Know You're World of Warcraft Player When - "You say 'grats' when your microwave dings."

World of Warcraft Logic - What's your favorite, and why?


Recent Blue Posts

Patch 4.1: Add-On Messages Will be Filtered

Will We Ever See an Appearance Tab in the Future?

Quest Phasing and Profession Nodes

Will the Level-85 Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub Gear Look Different?

Why Are Developers Posting in Blogs Now Instead of the Forums?

Will All Patches Have Updated Content Going Forward?

Seriously. What's Up With Ragnaros's Legs?

Will Instant Rezzes on Transports = No More Ganking?

Are New MVPs Still Being Considered?


See you this Friday!


If you have any suggestions for community-created comics, guides, artwork, machinima, realm events, or forum posts that we should feature, please feel free to send us an email at WoWCommWatch@Blizzard.com. Include a link to the content and a brief description of why you think that item should be featured, and you may see it in the next Explorers' League Journal!