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The World of Warcraft Community Site Just Got Better

In our ongoing efforts to bring you the most epic website experience ever (with as few explosions and malfunctions as possible), our special task force of goblin Web designers and gnomish engineers has just released a sweeping update to the Web database. Some of the highlights of this update include:

  • Improved Search
    • Forum-specific search can now be accessed via the forums.
    • The search results layout has been updated to a cleaner, more user-friendly format.
    • Character, guild, arena team, and item results are now presented in a sortable table.
    • Performing a search will initially take you to a new Search Summary page, providing an overview of the various results.
  • Expanded Game Section
    • The Game homepage has been redesigned to make it easier to access all of the available content.
    • We’ve added new pages that can be accessed via the Game section, by performing a direct search, or by using the breadcrumb menus below the main navigation buttons:
      • Dungeons and Raids: You can now see overviews for each dungeon and raid that include boss lists, screenshots, maps, dungeon information, loot tables, related quests, achievements, and quest rewards.
      • Bosses: These pages contain boss information such as loot tables, rotatable 3D renders of the bosses, sample abilities, related quests, and more.
      • Factions: Here you will find general information about each faction, as well as lists of quests, faction rewards, NPCs, and achievements.
      • Professions: Find comprehensive recipe lists complete with reagents and source info, profession descriptions, perks, benefits, and more.
  • Updated Item Pages
    • Item page layouts have been updated to match the new Game pages.
    • Item pages now also include 3D renders for weapons and armor.

Check out the new and improved database now, and if you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you on the Website Features forum.

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