Poll: Your Favorite Quest Lines
May 23rd by Kaivax

In our recent New Player Tips, we asked veteran players to weigh in on the subject of must-see questlines. We discussed the quests and questing that experienced players hope new players get to experience too.

This week’s poll asks: “What’s your favorite kind of quest line?”

What’s your favorite kind of quest line?
I prefer a long, focused, and epic story arc that dives deeply into Warcraft lore.
I like big quest lines that branch off and give me options to play my character differently.
Quest lines that are unique to my class or profession are the best.
I want quest lines that make me travel the world. I don’t care how long they are, so long as they encourage me to see everything.
My favorite quest lines are the ones that encourage me to join together with other players. Groups for the win!
Short quest lines that I can start and finish in less than half an hour are perfect.
I've made a point of not questing in World of Warcraft. I stick to PvP, killing monsters, exploration, or pursuing other activities.
Ended 6 years ago

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