Poll – Digging, Frying, Bandaging, and Angling
June 9th by Kaivax

In this week’s New Player Tips, we asked veterans players to reflect on their experiences with secondary professions, and the discussion ranged from the value of selling fish on the auction house to the potential for first aid to save a player from an unnecessary death (and subsequent visit to a graveyard). Now we turn to your opinion about secondary professions for everyone.

This week’s poll asks -- What’s Your Level of Secondary Profession Expertise?

What’s Your Level of Secondary Profession Expertise?
I spend more time in-game doing archaeology, cooking, first aid, and/or fishing, than any other activity.
I’ve leveled three or four of the secondary professions to their maximum, and use them regularly.
I stick to the daily quests with cooking and/or fishing.
My main focus among the secondary professions is archaeology. I’m unearthing most of Azeroth.
Just fishing. I’m the master angler around here!
I use first aid, primarily. These wounds aren’t going to wrap themselves.
You’ll usually find me cooking in the kitchen. (ding) Order’s up!
I’ve missed out on all of the secondary professions, so far.
Ended 7 years ago

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