Explorers' League Journal: Cloaks and Daggers
June 14th by Lylirra

Welcome to the Explorers' League Journal, our weekly recap of news and events from around Azeroth. Each week we'll cover a variety of topics including patch notes, hotfixes, contests, helpful guides, and recent blue posts to keep you up-to-date on the latest game and community developments.

Find out what happened last week below. If you missed our previous entry, you can check it out here.


From the latest developer blogs to updated PTR patch notes, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.

Dev Watercooler: Content for the Casual 85

Ask the Devs #9: Tanking

Poll: What’s Your Level of Secondary Profession Expertise?

Memories of Blizzard Video Contest -- Vote Now!

Arena Pass: Ranked Ladder Begins

Patch 4.2 PTR Notes (Updated June 13)


Survival Guides

If you're a new player looking for advice on how to get the most out of archaeology, cooking, first aid, and fishing, be sure to read through our latest "New Player Tips" blog.

New Player Tips: Second to None


We've also just stickied some new guides written by your fellow players in the Rogue Discussion forum:

[GUIDE] Subtlety Rogue (PVP)

Rogue: Macro Compilation

Cloak & Dagger Compendium



Check out the latest hilarity from The Daily Blink, GUComics, and our Blizzard Comic Contest honorable mentions!

Children's Week


Plumbing as a Primary Profession


Music and Machinima

Featured this week in the world of music and machinima are three original World of Warcraft-inspired melodies created by the lovely RavenSylphe, a stunning video introduction to MasterVertex's new character, Mistrose, and a look at Cataclysm’s environment graphics through the eyes of Wowcrendor.


(Be sure to check out RavenSylphe’s other compositions: Sands of Creation and Into the Deep!)


Eternal Rose


Are WoW Cataclysm Graphics Good?

(Like this video? Then be sure to check out its predecessor,  Are WoW Graphics Bad?)


Fan Art

New Warcraft Fan Art (updated 06/09)

Tauren Deathknight -- by Shiramune

Calith - Cataclysm Raider -- by Zeon-in-a-tree

Day of the Dragonqueen -- by PepperWolf

Nap of the Wild -- by Viking-Heart

Death Knight Elysis -- by KimiSz

Warcraft: My Heart Sleeps -- by fenikkusu

RwlRwlRwlRwl (Murloc Plushie) -- ALEXisDESIGNs


Stay classy, Azeroth. See you next week!

If you have any suggestions for community-created comics, guides, artwork, machinima, realm events, or forum posts that we should feature, please feel free to send us an email at WoWCommWatch@Blizzard.com. Include a link to the content and a brief description of why you think that item should be featured, and you may see it in the next Explorers' League Journal!