Recruit-A-Friend Program Levels Up to 80

The Recruit-A-Friend feature offers amazing perks  to World of Warcraft players who ask a friend to join them in their adventures through Azeroth. With the 4.2 patch we’ve made the rewards even better, as you can now reap the benefits while leveling all the way to 80.

When you recruit a friend to play World of Warcraft, you’ll be able to send them a unique referral key. When they use this specific trial key to activate a new account, you’ll both receive a number of perks to help you level up together.

  • Worried about spending a long time leveling up? No problem! You and your recruit you will gain triple experience while partied, up to level 80.
  • Even if you don’t have as much time to play as your recruit, they’ll be able to help you catch up. For every two levels a recruit character earns, they'll gain one "grantable" level. Recruit characters can then grant these levels to your lower level veteran character.
  • You won’t have to worry about getting separated; you’ll be able to summon one another to each other's locations from anywhere in the game.
  • You’ll receive a credit for 30 days of free game play for each recruit you refer who upgrades to a retail version of World of Warcraft and subscribes.
  • Once one of your recruits has paid for 60 days of game time you’ll be able to send an X-53 Touring Rocket to any of your characters! The X-53 is a unique flying mount able to carry a passenger, and only available from Recruit-A-Friend.

For a full rundown on each of these features, requirements, and limitations, hit the Recruit-A-Friend FAQ. You can also run through a visual guide of the referral process, as well as how to redeem your X-53 Touring Rocket.

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