Though its origins are steeped in druidic festivals from times long past, the current incarnation of Noblegarden is a contrast between ancient traditions and modern interpretations. While some races of Azeroth try to stay true to the original spirit of the holiday, others prefer a more lighthearted approach -- in essence, looking everywhere for festively decorated eggs and collecting the goodies found within. One tenet all can agree on is that the feast of Noblegarden is meant to bring communities together to share the joy of life and friendship.

During Noblegarden, the towns of Azeroth and their immediate environs are liberally sprinkled with Noblegarden eggs for players to collect in a ravenous frenzy -- er, in the spirit of sharing. These eggs contain treats fit for commoners and kings alike!

Event Details

  • When:   March 31 - April 6
  • Where:
  • Alliance:   Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos
  • Horde:   Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, Falconwing Square
  • All Factions:   Shattrath City
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  • Egg Hunt: Search in low-level towns throughout Azeroth for brightly-colored eggs; some are well-hidden, while others are in plain view. Their contents vary, but they most often contain chocolate (the delicious currency of Noblegarden), rare special items, and ‘vanity’ items (like toys & costumes). Some eggs will have truly surprising contents.
  • Race against fellow heroes in an egg-gathering blitz to grab as many Brightly Colored eggs as you can! Increase your speed in egg hunt areas with the Egg Basket, available from Noblegarden Vendors and Merchants. .
  • Daily Quests: The Great Egg Hunt rewards you with gold and humanoid-transforming Blossoming Branches for delivering excess eggshells gathered during your travels.
  • Noblegarden Merchants & Vendors: These professional hoarders hope to benefit from your egg hunting by exchanging trinkets for Noblegarden chocolate. They’ll trade food, toys that transform others into rabbits (or rabbit-like humanoids), festive clothes, mounts, and more for your leftover confections.

Item Rewards

  • Swift Springstrider: This mount has a chance to be found inside Brightly Colored Eggs, and it’s also available from Noblegarden Merchants and Vendors in exchange for chocolates.
  • Spring Rabbit: Summoned with the Spring Rabbit’s foot, this fuzzy companion can be found in Brightly Colored Eggs or purchased from Noblegarden Merchants and Vendors.
Vanity Items
  • Seasonal Clothes: Tuxedos, Elegant Dresses, and Spring Robes that allow you to plant flowers at will are all available from merchants (and crammed inside Brightly Colored Eggs).
  • Circlets: Adorn yourself with differently colored rabbit ears in ancestral Noblegarden tradition!
  • Blossoming Branch: Transform another into a rabbit, ensuring that they can’t hide from the spirit of the season!
  • Noblegarden Egg: Get into the egg hunt planning by placing a Brightly Colored Egg almost anywhere your heart desires.

Other Rewards:

  • Achievements: Noblegarden currently offers a total of 120 achievement points, split over 8 achievements and 1 meta-achievement. *Please note that all objectives for Achievements between the Horde and Alliance are relatively the same though have some minor differences.
  • Titles: the Noble, granted for completing the meta-achievement Noble Gardener.

*To get you in the spirit for Noblegarden, we've added a new wallpaper.

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