Did You Know...?: World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game -- Loot Cards
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June 12th by Nebu

Do you know about the plethora of World of Warcraft in-game items, mounts, and pets featuring unique visual effects available exclusively from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game? Each Trading Card Game set offers three unique loot cards. Each pack of cards you purchase from a set has the possibility of including one of these loot cards. For the rarest loot card in the set, the chances you’ll find one in a single pack are slim, while the chances are much better for the more common loot cards in the set.

You can learn more about the loot cards available in each trading card set on Cryptozoic Entertainment's official WoW TCG loot web site. You can also check out our screenshot gallery to take a peek at some of these much sought-after collector's items.

Happy Hunting!

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