Mists of Pandaria Previews: Battlegrounds and Bestiary
August 23rd by Frost

The Mists of Pandaria previews just keep coming! We’ve just posted lots of info on two new Battlegrounds and five new types of foes (and friends) you’ll encounter in the new expansion.

First up, we have the Temple of Kotmogu, where the Alliance and the Horde clash over ancient artifacts that date back to the dawn of recorded history… and it’s up to you to secure the secret power of the mogu for your faction.When you’re done bashing orc or human heads in Pandaria, head on down to the newly opened Silvershard Mines in Stranglethorn Vale and retrieve a resource that is much more mundane (but not one bit less important) than the enigmatic energies of the mogu: diamonds! Claim the mine for your side, and you’ll seize its glittering prizes.

Next, we’ve just updated the Mists of Pandaria bestiary page with new info on the denizens of the time-lost continent. There, you’ll learn more about the fiendish sha, the insectoid mantid, the reptilian saurok, the humble grummles, and the proud yaungol.

As always, stay tuned; there’s still more to come as we inch closer to the release of Mists of Pandaria.


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