What Does A Game Master Really Do?

January 23rd by Daxxarri

Blizzard Customer Support game masters are an elite group of talented customer service professionals, hand selected for their wit, dedication, and love of Blizzard games. They wait in the shadows, poised to help when things in your Blizzard gaming experience go awry, and they’re available 24 hours a day.

Watch this video on the Blizzard Customer Support YouTube channel to learn more about these cowled cavaliers, what a typical day is like, and examples of how they can help when events conspire to consternate. You’ll also find tips on how to help yourself when things go south, like with the Item Restoration Tool:

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Because they’re the heroes the players need. So you can contact them. Because they can take it. Game masters  are your silent guardians. Your watchful protectors. Your blue knights.