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Shake Up the Battlegrounds with PvP Brawls: Arathi Blizzard

Experience some of your favorite player-vs-player Battlegrounds with a twist during PvP Brawls! Read...

4 hours ago
Weekly Bonus Event: Battlegrounds

This week’s Battleground Bonus Event is underway.

4 hours ago
Tides of Vengeance Update Notes

The war raging across Azeroth between Alliance and Horde has intensified. As the Alliance lays plans...

a day ago
Join Us for a Live Developer Q&A on December 14

Join us live on Twitch Friday, December 14, as we sit down with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas for ou...

a day ago
Tides of Vengeance Arrives Starting December 11

Prepare for Tides of Vengeance by learning more about the new content ahead including a new Warfront...

5 days ago
Tides of Vengeance Preview: Faction Assaults

The push and pull between the Horde and the Alliance in Kul Tiras and Zandalar continues as both fac...

6 days ago
Preview: New Warfront — Battle for Darkshore

In the ashen shadow of Teldrassil, hostilities between the Horde and the Alliance ramp up once more ...

7 days ago
Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking Returns — December 4-11

This week’s Bonus Event is underway and we’re headed to Northrend to do some Timewalking. Are you re...

7 days ago
New Pet Battle Dungeon: Gnomeregan

Ready your best battle pets for a new challenge. We’re introducing a new pet battle dungeon—Gnomereg...

8 days ago
Show Your Pride with New Blood Elf and Dwarf Heritage Armor

With the Tides of Vengeance content update, we’re adding Heritage Armor for blood elves and dwarves....

13 days ago
Hotfixes: November 27, 2018

​Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft:Ba...

14 days ago
Weekly Bonus Event: World Quests

Chart a course across Kul Tiras and Zandalar for this week’s Bonus Event – World Quests.

14 days ago
Preview: Set Sail for Two New Islands

In Tides of Vengeance, we’re adding two new islands to Island Expeditions. Weigh anchor and prepare ...

20 days ago
Join the Feast During Pilgrim’s Bounty November 19–26!

Set aside the strife of war and share in the Pilgrim’s Bounty during this holiday.

22 days ago
BlizzCon Q&A Additional Questions

Here are the BlizzCon Q&A questions that didn’t make it in time, along with our answers to each....

25 days ago
Celebrate 14 Years of World of Warcraft!

Celebrate 14 years of World of Warcraft with us! Log in between now and November 30 to earn the WoW’...

25 days ago
Weekly Bonus Event: Burning Crusade Timewalking

The iconic Black Temple raid is now a part of Burning Crusade Timewalking! Gather a group of champio...

a month ago
The Moonkin Festival is Here: November 12

Micro-holidays provide a variety of in-game experiences simply for the fun of taking part in them. R...

a month ago
The Pet Battle Bonus Event Has Begun!

Bring out your most stalwart companions for battle, because this week’s Bonus Event is underway.

a month ago
World of Warcraft at BlizzCon® 2018

BlizzCon 2018 is a wrap! Learn more about what’s ahead for World of Warcraft.

a month ago
Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic Panel Recap

During the Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic panel, software engineers Brian Birmingham and Om...

a month ago
World of Warcraft: What's Next Panel Recap

The Battle for Azeroth has begun and there’s more story to be told and adventures to be had. To prov...

a month ago
Support by Bringing Whomper Home!

Adopt Whomper the baby yeti in-game, or purchase the plushie to support

a month ago
Celebrate with the Dead During Day of the Dead!

The time has come once more to gather in the graveyards for the Day of the Dead and celebrate with a...

a month ago
Weekly Bonus Event: Battle for Azeroth Dungeons

This week’s Bonus Event is underway, and we’re setting our sights on Battle for Azeroth Dungeons.

a month ago