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Brawler's Guild: Last Chance to Rumble . . . For Now

The Brawler's Guild is going on a vacation soon. Don't miss your chance to get in there and ...

2 years ago
Brawler’s Guild: What’s Your Rank?

Hidden away within the bowels of the Deeprun Tram and the dusty backstreets of Orgrimmar is the Braw...

4 years ago
Blood Legion vs. Blizzard: The Elite Guild Speaks

At the Midnight Launch Party in Irvine, California this Monday, a team of five leading members from ...

5 years ago
New Player Tips: Rolling in the Peeps

New Player Tips is a recurring feature in which we ask World of Warcraft veterans to share their tho...

7 years ago
Patch 4.1: Guild Challenges

In addition to updating Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman for level-85 players, we're also excited about an...

7 years ago
Is There a Blacksmith in the House?

Did you know that you don't have to ask members of your guild for links to their professions? ...

7 years ago