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Welcome to Stormwind: A Guided Tour

There are many things to see within the city of Stormwind and if you’re new to World of Warcraft, yo...

3 years ago
Community Spotlight -- Shanti

Check out a wonderful toy brick construction of Stormwind and meet the artist who put it on display ...

3 years ago
World of Warcraft Mugs Now Available

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Or perhaps you need a not-so-subtle way to show your World of ...

8 years ago
The Invasion Has Begun

Panic has seized Orgrimmar, Stormwind City, Thunder Bluff, and Ironforge. In each of these great cap...

8 years ago
Wrath of the Elements

Little progress has been made toward mending Azeroth's dire condition. Thrall has nonetheless co...

8 years ago