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Shadowlands Content Update Notes

Shadowlands is live!

3 months ago
Follow the Tides of Music From Battle for Azeroth

Get swept away on an auditory journey through the music of the Tides of Vengeance, Rise of Azshara, ...

6 months ago
[UPDATED AUG. 18] Time Runs Short: Battle for Azeroth

Before you journey to the Shadowlands, you may want to spend your remaining moments in the mortal re...

7 months ago
Save 50% on Select Pets, Mounts, and More During Our Summer Sale!

Hot summer deals are here and you can save big on select pets, mounts, and more during our sale.

8 months ago
Visions of N’Zoth: Mounts, Pets, and More

Visions of N’Zoth introduced a variety of new pets, mounts, and items ripe for collectors to hunt do...

10 months ago
Ny’alotha, the Waking City Raid Finder Wing 4 Now Live

Delve into where nightmares dwell in Ny’alotha, the Waking City, set in the Void-shrouded heart of t...

a year ago
The Race to World First Ny’alotha the Waking City Has Begun!

The race to see who can be the first to defeat N’Zoth in the heart of the ancient Black Empire—Ny’al...

a year ago
Battle for Azeroth, Season 4—Now Live!

Battle for Azeroth Season 4 is now live and includes an all-new Affix—Awakened— for Mythic Keystone ...

a year ago
Heroic Difficulty Operation: Mechagon Awaits

Visions of N'Zoth opens the doors on Heroic Difficulty Operation: Mechagon, giving players the o...

a year ago
Visions of N'Zoth Now live!

The Old God N’Zoth has been unleashed from his titanwrought prison, and an ancient corruption has ta...

a year ago
Visions of N’Zoth: Assaults and Horrific Visions Preview

As despair and madness consume the land, the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance will need to fight...

a year ago
Visions of N’Zoth: Auction House Update Preview

Take your buying and selling to a new level with Azeroth’s updated Auction House!

a year ago
Visions of N’Zoth Content Update Notes

The official update notes for the January 14, 2020 content update to Visions of N’Zoth are here.

a year ago
Watch the New Developer Content Update Preview

Check out the latest developer insight video with game director Ion Hazzikostas as he goes into what...

a year ago
Battle for Azeroth War Campaign Recap *SPOILERS INSIDE*

The War Campaign has reached its epic conclusion in the most recent content update, but if you haven...

a year ago
The Next Battle for Azeroth Content Update is Now Live!

The next World of Warcraft®: Battle for Azeroth content update is now live.

a year ago
Battle for Azeroth Season 3 Has Begun!

Battle for Azeroth Season 3 brings new challenges with the opening of Mythic Operation: Mechagon, a ...

2 years ago
Crucible of Storms Raid Finder and Mythic Difficulties Now Available

Beginning the week of April 16, assemble your raid and face the fearsome servants of N’Zoth in two n...

2 years ago
Unlocking Flying in Battle for Azeroth: Part 1

The skies of Kul Tiras and Zandalar can be decidedly unfriendly to the uninitiated. To help you on t...

2 years ago
Keep Azeroth Close With the WoW Companion App

Download the WoW Companion App and take a piece of Azeroth with you wherever you go.

2 years ago
Rise of Azshara Preview: Heart of Azeroth Updates

In Rise of Azshara, the Heart of Azeroth will get a boost with the help of MOTHER, and players can s...

2 years ago
New Allied Races and More Now Live!

New Allied Races—Kul Tiran humans and Zandalari trolls–and more now live. Learn more.

2 years ago
Your Brawler’s Guild Invitation Is on Its Way

The Brawler’s Guild will soon be reopening its doors for a new round of rumbling. Get ready to go to...

2 years ago
Professions Preview: Wield the Tools of the Trade

Take your profession to the next level with new Tools of the Trade—coming in the next Battle for Aze...

2 years ago
Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Finder Wing 3 Available!

Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Finder Wing 3: Victory or Death (for Horde players) and Might of the Allia...

2 years ago