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Watch The Deceiver Returns and See the Live Q&A VoD Here

Patch 7.2 arrives March 28, watch The Deceiver Returns and prepare to return to the Broken Shore to face the Burning Legion. Miss the latest Q&A with Senior Game Designer Ryan Shwayder? Watch the VoD now to catch up on the latest.

5 years ago
Patch 7.2 Preview: Return to the Broken Shore

For the heroes of Azeroth, the Broken Shore represents pain, sorrow . . . and an opportunity for vengeance. It is the source of the Burning Legion’s seemingly unending incursion, and an ever-present reminder of the defeat suffered at their hands by both the Horde and the Alliance. But now it’s time to return to where the invasion began—this time as a more prepared force. Read on to learn more.

5 years ago
Getting a Boost to Level 100

With the advent of Legion, players who purchase the expansion are able to boost one character instantly to level 100. To help enhance the experience, we’ve introduced a new way to become familiar with your newly boosted character.

5 years ago