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Cosplay Guide: Becoming Illidari

Whether you’re new to cosplay or a costuming veteran, we’ve put together helpful visual guide to the...

2 years ago
Azeroth Armory: Cosplay Edition—Creating the Demon Hunter

Legendary blacksmith Tony Swatton of Sword and Stone takes on a new challenge in this Azeroth Armory...

2 years ago
Being Illidari: The Way Out Is the Way Through

Join us as we journey alongside one fledgling Demon Hunter making their way through Mardum—and learn...

3 years ago
Demon Hunter Early Access Now Available!

Early access to the new Demon Hunter class is now available to those who have pre-purchased the Legi...

3 years ago
Demon Hunter Specifics: A Poll

These disciples of Illidan Stormrage uphold a dark legacy that will soon be yours to explore.

3 years ago
New Item Added to World of Warcraft®: Legion™ Digital Deluxe Bonuses

We’ve added something new to the collection of goodies you get when you purchase the Digital Deluxe ...

3 years ago
Poll: Which Demon Hunter?

When you create your very first demon hunter, which will you choose?

3 years ago
World of Warcraft®: Legion™ Now Available For Pre-purchase

Watch the Legion™ opening cinematic unveiled today at BlizzCon®, and learn about perks you get for p...

3 years ago
Legion: Demon Hunter Artifact Reveal

Only Azeroth’s most seasoned veterans possess the fortitude to wield Artifacts of legend against the...

3 years ago